Frequently Asked Questions about Prometheus

Does Prometheus conform to GHS, ADR and REACH?

Yes. Prometheus conforms to GHS, ADR 2015 and REACH (updated to 2017).

If I license Prometheus will my copy be kept up to date?

New versions of the program are released every year, or sooner if necessary, to meet changes in legislation as well as to provide general improvements to the program. Interim releases of phrase updates are sent to customers as often as necessary to keep phrases and translations up to date and to provide new ones. Loading new phrases into your database is automated, simple, and quick.

What languages are available in Prometheus?

Prometheus currently writes datasheets in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech,Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, Finnish, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish (contact us if you need customisation of English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish for the Americas). If you have other language needs we can provide them at realistic costs.

Does the editor work in languages other than English?

The standard interface for the editor is in English but alternative languages could be supported if required.

Can I add my own phrases, or am I restricted to the ones supplied with Prometheus?

Yes, you can add your own phrases. Prometheus works by storing a version of each phrase in every language but you only need to provide translations of your own phrases into the languages you want to use. We can get translations for you if you need them.

Can I customise my safety data sheets?

You can design templates to include or exclude sections, subsections, and subsubsections, as you wish (subject to regulatory considerations). You can put one or more different logos at the top of the first page and the foot of the last page, on the left, the right, and/or in the centre. You can control whether symbols appear or do not appear in sections 2, 8, 14, and 15. You can choose font and font size, spacing between lines, and margin sizes, and there are some other detailed options such as whether the product name appears as a header on the first page and whether it is in bold or standard typeface. You can include your own text and images anywhere in datasheets. Datasheets are based on templates. What supplier name and logos appear on datasheets, what sub-headings are included in each section, the ordering of sections, and what informatiion is included about constituents can be different in different templates.If you“translate” between datasheets based on different templates, thecontentsare automaticallylaid outas appropriate.

A lot of my products are very similar. Can I deal with the safety data sheets for them collectively?

Two features in Prometheus allow you to create multiple datasheets with minimum effort: you can base a new datasheet on an existing one, in effect using the existing one as a template; you can create multiple datasheets automatically to conform to different templates from a single master datasheet.

Can I produce safety data sheets suitable for subsidiaries of my company

Yes, you can produce variations of a datasheet based on one master version. As well as being in different languages, if necessary, the different versions can include different company logos, supplier addresses, and emergency contact numbers. You may also want to include certain section sub-headings for subsidiaries operating in some countries but not others, and Prometheus allows you to do that.

How can I be sure staff around the company use the right version of a safety data sheet?

When you approve a datasheet it becomes the current approved version. If anyone requests a datasheet for despatch to a customer the current approved version is the only one available to them. If you edit a datasheet that has been approved, the approved version remains unchanged and a new, draft version is created. Users continue to be restricted to viewing and despatching the approved one. When you approve the new version, it becomes the current approved version and the previous one becomes an archive version.

Can I issue an updated version of a safety data sheet to customers who received the previous one?

Yes. By default, Prometheus creates a check list of customers who received the datasheet during the preceding twelve months but you can change that period to any one that you want. By default, Prometheus assumes you want to despatch the update by the same means as you used for the original (i.e. as a printed copy by post or as a pdf file by email) but you can change that if you wish.

Two or three people in my company create and edit safety data sheets at present, and each one is checked and approved by someone other than the person who wrote it. Then it is made available to lots of staff. I want to be certain they are all using the same safety data sheets and I do not want most staff to be able to make changes. Can Prometheus support this kind of use?

All your users can access a single copy of your database, so that you are certain that everyone is using the same set of datasheets. Each user of Prometheus has a user name and password. You can restrict users to various levels of access and these include distinctions between users who are or are not allowed to edit datasheets, users who are or are not also allowed to approve datasheets, and users who are or are not allowed to change the access privileges of users.

It takes a lot of work to apply the official classification and labelling rules. Does Prometheus do classification automatically?

Harmoneus classifies substances and preparations and provides detailed labelling advice relating to sections 14 and 15 of safety data sheets. It also works out the implications of the classifications for the other datasheet sections and makes recommendations (e.g. what advice to give in the first aid section). Harmoneus (which is deliveredas standard with Prometheus)links to Prometheus so that the recommendations can be transferred automatically and incorporated into a draft datasheet.

Can I create worksheets summarising the main hazards for a product?

Many companies like to provide a worksheet, or hazard summary, containing the key information needed by someone working with a chemical. You can attach templates for hazard summaries to templates for SDS in Prometheus so that a hazard summary is created automatically to go with each SDS. You can customise the hazard summary templates to suit you needs.

Can I export datasheets and send them to a subsidiary or customer to be imported into their own installation of Prometheus?

Yes. If you want other sites to have access to some of your datasheets without having access to your database, you can write datasheets to a file. The contents can be read into Prometheus from the file at a subsidiary site.

Can I export information about the ingredients used in my products that might be requested, for example, by regulatory authorities?

Yes. You can list the ingredients used in your products to a CSV file (suitable for reading by Excel, for example) or to an XML file.

Can I have an evaluation copy of Prometheus?

Contact our collaborators and distributors, Hibiscus plc, who will be happy to arrange a free evaluation or contact us and we will ask them to call you.

Last edited: 10 05 2017