Frequently Asked Questions about Harmoneus

My products are not included in Approved Lists. Can Harmoneus tell me how to classify and label them in accordance with ADR, GHS and REACH?

Yes. Harmoneus will base its recommendations for classification and labelling for health and environmental hazards on the properties of your products or on the properties of the ingredients in them.

The ingredients I use are included in Approved Lists. Why do I need Harmoneus?

Harmoneus will do the complicated arithmetic required to classify for health and environmental hazards by the “conventional method”. Some of the rules for applying the conventional method can be confusing. For example, it is easy to misunderstand the rules in GHS about substances that are hazardous to the aquatic environment and those that are acutely toxic by more than one route of exposure. Once you do understand them it is tricky to get the arithmetic right. Harmoneus applies the rules reliably. If you use mixtures of mixtures, doing the arithmetic can be very tiresome without the help of a system like Harmoneus.The regulations only allow use of the conventional method for health and environmental hazards. You still need to consider all the issues relating to fire and explosion hazards, and drawing up safety data sheets. Harmoneus helps you with all of these.

Can I print labels directly from Harmoneus?

Harmoneus tells you what the contents of labels should be but does not provide tools for designing and formatting labels. An export option allows you to send the information via Prometheus to Hibiscus' Label Enterprise. Alternatively, ask us about writing it to a database for access by your label printing software.

Can I transfer advice from Harmoneus easily into my safety data sheet management system?

A direct link from Harmoneus to Prometheus sets up draft safety data sheets automatically.

Do you supply the European Approved Lists in electronic form with Harmoneus?

Yes, the lists giving classification, precautionary phrases etc. under CLP and giving classification under ADR are included.

Can Harmoneus tell me what phrases to use for labels in languages other than English.

You can export label advice automatically into Prometheus, where 26 languages are currently available.

A lot of my products are very similar to each other. Do I have to give the same answers to the same questions every time I use Harmoneus?

No. You can set up templates so that you only have to answer questions about properties that differ between your products.

My product is not listed specifically in the “Orange Book”. Can Harmoneus tell me what UN number and proper shipping name to use?

Yes, Harmoneus recommends generic UN numbers and proper shipping names for preparations and substances not individually listed in the “Orange Book”.

Is Harmoneus kept up to date with changing legislation?

Yes. Updates are released to ensure that Harmoneus conforms to new regulations as they come into effect.

Will I easily be able to meet the legal requirement to record how decisions about classification and labelling are made?

Yes. All the questions you are asked in a Harmoneus session and the answers you give are saved, together with the advice Harmoneus gives and the contents you decide to include in your labels.

I must have to answer a lot of questions if Harmoneus checks through all of the legislation, but many of them are probably irrelevant for my product. Won’t I find myself wasting time going through them?

There are several hundred questions that Harmoneus can ask, but each question you are asked in practice takes account of the ones you have already answered, so that you are asked only about the things that matter for your product. For example, some questions are only relevant for viscous liquids and you will not be asked about them if you not labelling that kind of product. An important advantage of using Harmoneus is that it will not forget about a question, however obscure, if it is relevant for your product. A typical session with Harmoneus, if you want advice for supply, carriage, and safety data sheet content, takes less than fifteen minutes.

Does Harmoneus advise on German water hazard classification?

Yes, it does.

Can I have an evaluation copy of Harmoneus?

Contact our collaborators and distributors, Hibiscus plc, who will be happy to arrange a free evaluation or contact us and we will ask them to call you.

Last edited: 14 07 2017