Safety Systems

Lexeus Limited supplies two main products, Harmoneus and Prometheus, for chemical hazard classification and safety data sheet management. Both are available from our collaborator and sales agent, Hibiscus plc. Click the following links to their website for more information and to arrange free demonstrations: Harmoneus at Hibiscus; Prometheus at Hibiscus.


Prometheus is an authoring and management system for multi-lingual, multi-territory chemical safety data sheets ( SDS - formerly called MSDS, materials safety data sheets, in the USA) compliant with European, US, and international regulations including UN transport regulations, REACH and the Globally Harmonised System for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

Click here to request a demonstration from Hibiscus plc.


Harmoneus works out chemical hazard classification and labelling and draft content for chemical safety data sheets (SDS) in accordance with the GHS, ADR, CHIP, and REACH regulations. It deals with substances and preparations, including complicated mixtures of mixtures.

Click here to request a demonstration from Hibiscus plc.

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